Jon-Paul Schaut is a native of Tampa, Florida currently residing in Orlando where he is a student at the University of Central Florida. He is pursuing a bachelor of arts degree in advertising and public relations as well as in theatre studies.

Schaut currently the Artistic Director of Project Spotlight- UCF, a student developmental theatre organization where he helps run the social media pages. He also was a marketing intern for Theatre UCF under its Marketing Director, Tina Fleming, in the Fall of 2017. Schaut continues to assist in the marketing department of Theatre UCF where he creates press releases, promotional materials, social media content and is the host of the new Theatre UCF web series, “Chariot Chat.”

His main goals through this portfolio are to find internship or employment opportunities within the advertising/public relations world or in the theatre with an emphasis on community, creativity, individuality and new works while using his knowledge of advertising and public relations in an innovative way.


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